About us

We mainly create technical blogs based on Linux howtos, commands, and tutorials in a way that users can understand and learn Linux in a more efficient and effective way. As Linux is open source each one should contribute their findings to the world so that any beginners can easily get track of Linux. We will be using various Linux distributions like ubuntu, centos,redhat, etc in order to demonstrate each blog.
We can make each blog easy for a beginner to follow as we will brief each step with a screenshot. We recommended our readers to contribute to our blogs either by posting a comment, correcting a mistake or even writing for us . Readers can contact us whenever they have doubts or any difficulties while following our blogs.

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Founder Linux Learning hub

Our Vision

To educate the world

As we all work in Linux system administration jobs. Where we found many difficulties in handily a complex task without proper documentation and tutorials.As a solution we started this website to create technical blogs to users who can easily follow and  complete the complicated Linux tasks.